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Mindful Moments

Create a holistically healthy, purposeful and present culture for your community.

Over 80% of employees report feeling high levels of stress in their work and over 70% of employees experience burnout, leading to widespread mental health issues and decrease in talent retention. The World Health Organization estimated that depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

Mindfulness practices can end this epidemic. Mindful Moments was created to help end cycles of stress and burnout by helping organizations cultivate holistically healthy, purposeful and present environments through the education of mindfulness practices and the creation of mindful habits and routines.

After working with us, your community will experience improved communication, bursts of creativity, increased productivity and a deeper sense of purpose and connection with their work. Book an intro call with us to design a custom mindfulness program for your company, based on your unique culture and goals.

Our Modalities

We offer the below practices for either re-occurring or one time scheduling both virtually and in-person.


Woman doing yoga in office roof deck

The benefits of breathwork include the clearing of negative or stuck thought patterns, easeful reactions to emotions and difficult situations, the removal of toxins, release of trauma and a heightened sense of awareness and clarity. Mindful Moments offers both active and calming breathwork sessions that range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You will leave each session having learned practices you can implement in your day to day.


Woman Meditating at Home

Meditation is an essential tool for a mindful life. With a consistent meditation practice, we are able to understand that we are separate from our thoughts and choose our reactions to them. We are able to make calm, conscious decisions and cultivate supportive relationships. Our meditation offering ranges anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours and explores different meditation traditions and techniques and equipping you with tools to set daily routines and practices.


Photograph of Women Doing Yoga Together

The mind and body are intimately connected and the more we are able to build consciousness and health in our bodies, the happier we feel in our minds. In our movement offering, we explore practices from different Yoga traditions, alongside intuitive movement and strengthening. These sessions last anywhere between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.


Woman Using Tibetan Singing Bowls

In our Sound practice, we use the soothing vibrations of different instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and drums to create a deep meditative state. Sound sessions are performed with all participants laying down on their backs, in complete relaxation. These sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and we suggest adding on Sound sessions to enhance any of our modalities.


What our past clients have experienced with us:

Meditation and breathwork classes with Mindful Moments changed my mental health for the better. Their unique ability to combine physical movement, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques created a harmonious experience for us to connect with each other and ourselves. Their supportive and encouraging approach to mindfulness has inspired me to deepen my practice and explore new levels of self-discovery.

- Melissa W

I started yoga with Mindful Moments as a complete beginner and evolved so much in my practice and life. I now feel so much less pain in my body and I feel more energized in my day to day. They also gave me the tools to build my own practice and to make sure I was taking care of myself everyday. Thank you! You are one of a kind!

- Jenna M

Mindful Moments teaches customized practices that meet each students unique needs. They often blend their experience in mediation, breathwork, and yoga all together to create a holistic and transformative practice for students. No matter your level of experience with these practices, Mindful Moments will challenge your to go deeper in a friendly and supportive way. Can’t recommend enough!

- Bryce M

I cannot recommend Mindful Moments enough for mindfulness sessions. Their tailored yoga and meditation sessions have become a highlight of our week and their ability to seamlessly blend mindfulness with practical exercises has helped our family find balance.

- Emily R

Why work with us?

Our sessions are:

  • Engaging, educational and science-based, making them accessible to people with a broad range of backgrounds
  • Taught by teachers who have experience in the workforce and are trained in both Western sciences and Eastern philosophies
  • Integrated with the education of basic mindfulness practices to equip employees with the resources to continue these practices after the sessions to make mindfulness a part of their day to day experience
  • In-person, remote or hybrid. We are able to come in-person to your space and livestream to remote employees or host the session completely online.

To work with us, simply set up a time on our calendar to schedule an introductory call to connect and learn about your needs and create a program or book a session for you.

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